My name is Frank. I am a handweaver.

We lived in an age of mass-produced everything. The clothing we wear is often identical to thousands of other pieces. It is practical, but it isn’t very special.

I weave beautiful, one of a kind scarves and other items, often from luxurious fibers like alpaca, silk, and cashmere. Each one is unique and makes a very special gift … perhaps for you or someone you love!

Some kind comments I have received…

You really work to a high standard! That is so beautifully done!” – Moira

“Love the colours you have chosen!” – Kay

“It’s so warm and cozy and the colours are lovely” – Ivy

“Your pieces are unique and meticulously crafted, not to mention ideal for purpose. They are a perfect and much appreciated gift for a discerning recipient.” – Barry

Frank, it’s so amazing that you do this! I am quite fascinated. And I love that you’re using bamboo, too!– Allyson