Meet the Weaver

Frank at the loom.

Weaving is medicine to me. I sell the things I weave, but I weave for the joy of it, not for the money. Weaving is good for me, and I do it in a way that ensures it remains so. I often meditate as I weave and I do not work to a deadline. This means I never need to rush and I can take the time to get everything just so. It is very satisfying to complete a piece with such care!

I was a fine art photographer for many years. The aesthetic sense I developed over the decades now finds its expression in my weaving designs. Making beautiful things brings me joy! Sometimes a design comes to me very quickly. Sometimes I ponder it for weeks. I’m not in a hurry.

There is something primal about handwoven cloth. Archaeologists have found fragments of cloth estimated to be 8000 years old, and impressions of woven cloth on clay artifacts found in the Czech Republic have been dated to 27,000 years ago. A fragment of fine, 3-ply yarn was found at a neanderthal site in Abri du Maras, France, which is at least 41,000 years old. Imagine that!

We are wrapped in cloth when we are born, and we wear it all our lives and beyond. We cannot survive without it. Cloth is integral to human existence.

Weaving connects me to this ancient tradition. That matters to me for reasons I don’t really understand.

Merino and silk shawl on the loom