Custom handweaving

A one a kind piece of handweaving is a very special gift. One designed just for the recipient is even more so! I enjoy working together with my customers to create the perfect design!

Commissioned shawl in merino, alpaca, and silk
Commissioned shawl in merino, alpaca, and silk

It can take quite a while to finish a piece. Here are a few reasons why:

  • Hand-weaving is labour intensive. Many hours of work go into each piece.
  • The loom I need for your project may already have something on it that must be completed before I can start your piece.
  • Coming up with the right design can sometimes take a while.
  • I may need to order some materials before I can begin working on your project.
  • I never rush when I am weaving. I want everything to be just right.
  • Weaving is joyful to me and I keep it that way by not working to a deadline.

Two kinds of woven items

Something beautiful

This comissioned shawl was woven from handspun merino and silk.

The point of a “Something beautiful” item is just what it sounds like – to make something that is beautiful to look at, beautiful to touch, and a pleasure to wear. We would talk about colours, fibers, and a general timeframe and if you like what we come up with we can proceed.

Something beautiful and personal

This scarf was comissioned as a gift for the wearer pictured above. The colours and patterns symbolize things that are important to him.

A handwoven piece can also be designed to have personal meaning for you or the intended recipient. In this kind of piece we would choose colours and patterns that have symbolic meaning, for example…

  • Some special quality that you want to honour, for example kindness or wisdom.
  • Something that is meaningful to the person, for example their children, or gender identity, or something they have overcome or accomplished.
  • Something related to ethnicity, for example colours taken from a national flag or tartan.
  • Something related to spirituality.
  • Something you want to say to or about the person.
  • An event you want to commemorate.
This commisioned scarf has stripes of two different widths representing the dots and dashes that spell the owner’s name.

We would start by talking about what you have in mind and how we might represent it in colours, designs, and perhaps even a few words represented in morse code. For an example of the latter, there are stripes in the scarf pictured above that encode a few words honouring a special quality of the wearer.


Prices vary according to the details, but the following will give you a general idea.

All the yarns I use are very nice, or I wouldn’t use them! Some nice yarns are surprisingly affordable, others very expensive.. A custom scarf will be priced around $120 if I weave it with more affordable fiber like wool or cotton or bamboo, and around $145 if I use a luxury fiber like alpaca , merino or a silk blend. Pure silk will be around $175, and a really exotic fiber will be more.

A scarf including hand-spun yarn, when available, will probably be about $200 because spinning the yarn by hand takes many hours. The result, of course, is something extra-special!

For a shawl, count on spending at least 50% more than a scarf, just because it is bigger and takes more material and more time.


For a “Something beautiful” item, There is a 50% deposit, and the other 50% is due within 30 days of completion. You can choose not to make that final payment and I will offer the item for sale to others. (I have never had this happen). The deposit is non-refundable.

For a “Something beautiful and personal” item the full amount must be paid before I begin. This is because I wouldn’t be comfortable offering that piece to anyone but the intended recipient. It is connected to them before they even see it.


If you would like me to make you a one of a kind treasure, I’d love to hear from you! Use the [Send me a message] button below to contact me. I will respond by email and we can have conversation about fiber types, colours, designs, etc.