Designing your handwoven item

If you have commissioned a piece from me and you are not quite sure what you want, we will have a conversation in which we figure it out together. There are a few questions at the bottom of the page to help us get started.

Visual Style

Lets start by choosing a general visual style. For convenience, I divide the possibilities up somewhat arbitrarily into the following categories:

  • Stripes
  • Tartan-like
  • Block graphics
  • Intricate designs


Some scarves I’ve made are characterized by lengthwise stripes of different colours. Some examples:

Tartan-like designs

Plaid like designs involve stripes of different colours going both length-wise and cross-wise. Where they cross they seem to blend together, creating more colours. Here are some examples I have woven:

Block Graphics

Here are some block graphic style scarves I have woven:

Intricate designs

I also enjoy weaving very intricate designs. Here are a couple examples:

The questions